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Ivy Leaves Silver Ring for Ivy Lovers - Handmade Sterling Silver Ring

$49.00 - $59.00

This list is for Ivy Leaves Silver Ring .
This Ivy Leaves Silver ring is made for all the Ivy Lovers, who has or had an Ivy climbs on their wall.
This ring is inspired by one of my french customer who loves Ivy Leaves and like to have a Ivy Leaves ring on it .
If you see my Gear Ring before, yes, the Ivy Leave ring is similar style with it:)

Hope you like this Ivy Leave silver ring.

All silver ring are made of pure sterling silver, not just plated:)

This Ivy Leave Silver Rings is MADE TO ORDER: When placing your order please indicate your ring size.
If it's a surprise for your friend, usually US size for a woman is from #5.5 - #8.5, for a man is from #8.5 - #12.
Please allow 12-15 business days for your piece to be created befofre it is shipped.
Shipping with USPS First-Class with Delivery Confirmation.

Copyright by SmilingSilverSmith

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  • Confirm ring size later
  • size 4 diameter 14.8mm
  • size 5 diameter 15.7mm
  • size 6 diameter 16.5mm
  • size 7 diameter 17.3mm
  • size 8 diameter 18.7mm
  • size 9 diameter 19.2mm
  • size 10 diameter 20.1mm
  • size 11 diameter 20.8mm
  • size 12 diameter 21.4mm
  • with Personal Engraving