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About Us

Smiling-SilverSmith :)

...Hi . Thank you for stopping by smiling-silversmith :)

...My name is Angela, and I live in California.

... I studied art design in school. Finally I have my own online shop which I am very happy and exciting about it ;)
...I love what I do, and it means so much to me :)

... I believe that creativity should always be merged with light hearted humor that could cheer anyone’s heart. Most of my rings are predominantly inspired from daily text icons, commonly known as emoticons. My goal is design various styles which everyone knows by heart. And everyone will somehow associate their daily social networking life with.

...Being creative is a such a happy and healthy thing to do , isn't it :)

...If you have your own idea about a silver ring design , I can do custom order ring for you. I would love to hear your brilliant ideas!
Please contact me at smilingsilversmith@gmail.com

...Thank you for stopping by my little sterling silver ring & jewelry shop :) www.Smiling-SiverSmith.com.

I Hope my silver ring designs can make you and your loved ones SMILE :)

Big THANK YOU for everyone's supporting and people who wrote Testimonials for me .